RACHAEL AKIN : Brand Czar & Co Founder

Rachael is the design force behind Benchmark.  She manages the brand, sales and marketing, the brewery’s events and  tasting room, as well as all aspects of design.  She is a fifth generation San Diegan, who attended the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts, and has a BS in Interior Design from the Art Institute of San Diego.  In addition to her background in theater management and in commercial interior design and graphics, Rachael has been a member of the local homebrew club QUAFF since 2002 and is a BJCP certified beer judge.

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Margaret is happy to greet you in the Benchmark tasting room on alternating Sundays. With a BA in English and American Literature from UCSD and a long career as a technical writer, she is surprised and delighted to find a brewery in her life. “I just want to camp,” she has been heard to say. Well, come into the tasting room and let Margaret pour you a delicious Benchmark beer. While you’re there you might hear some camping tales whispered by Margaret’s and Jim’s old, repurposed Coleman lantern mounted at the end of the bar.

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Benchmark Brewing is all about delicious beer, beer that we want to take home and drink.  We are not about finding the next huge beer trend, or rare ingredient that can only be sourced in the mountains of Djibouti or the chasms of the Pacific Ocean. We want consistently awesome beer that you can rely on to be the gold standard of the style.  Our year round beers are low in alcohol and high in flavor; we often find that it is nice to be able to enjoy a beer or two and keep your wits about you.  We also know that there are times when a ten percent beer is just what you need to keep you warm at night; to that end we will celebrate the seasons, months, weeks, or whatever we feel needs celebration with specialty releases that will vary wildly in alcohol content and style.  No matter the style or strength all Benchmark Beer will set the standard for its kind. 



MATT AKIN : Brewmaster & Co Founder

Matt is a native San Diegan, he attended St. Augustine High School in North Park and then went on to UCSD. While there he realized that brewing was his passion. He has been a member of the local homebrew club QUAFF since 2002, and he brewed in the backyard every weekend for several years. Bachelors of the Arts in Sociology in hand he decided it was time to pursue a career as a professional brewer. He started scrubbing kegs and helping on the bottling line at AleSmith Brewing Company shortly after graduation. It did not take long for Matt to work his way up at AleSmith, leaving the post of head brewer in 2011 to work on building his own brewery; and so it was that Benchmark Brewing began as a few recipes and a rough business plan in Matt’s notebook.

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JIM AKIN : Co Founder

The father figure in the management team for Benchmark, Jim is finally getting to do something fun for work. He is a retired IT executive who spent 35 years working at a job that is almost exclusively reserved for computer nerds. Now, he says it’s time to do something fun, and what could be more fun than making beer for a living? From nerd to beer geek, it’s a lateral promotion.